Why there is no ovary on cucumbers

It often happens that on cucumbers instead of ovaries one barren flower. To understand what to do in this situation, you need to find out the reason for its absence and eliminate it.

Among the reasons may be:

  • If the plant is in the phase of active growth, still young.
  • Due to lack of heat and lack of moisture.
  • If cucumbers are grown in a shaded area.
  • Strong drafts on the site can also prevent the formation of ovaries.
  • Due to the peculiarities of the variety - if it is bee-pollinated, then the ovaries may not form due to the absence of male flowers - women simply cannot form a fruit without pollination.
  • At high humidity, insects are inactive and natural pollination does not occur.
  • At temperatures above + 30 ° C, pollen loses its properties, so the ovary does not form.
  • Because of soil poverty.
  • If the plant is actively increasing the ground part, but the ovary is not formed, most likely this is a consequence of the imbalance of nutrients in the soil. Namely, an excess of nitrogen can provoke increased growth of greenery to the detriment of the formation of flower buds.

If such problems are found, additional measures should be taken to eliminate them in order to ensure a lot of ovaries.

If necessary, it is recommended:

  • Set the optimum level of humidity, water the plants regularly, avoid overdrying the soil.
  • Provide sufficient lighting. Place the plants in a well-lit area or use artificial lighting in the greenhouse.
  • Ensure proper pollination. With a shortage of bees and other insects that provide pollination, manual pollination can be used.
  • Use fertilizers that contain the necessary elements for the formation of ovaries, in particular boric acid.

How to accelerate the growth of cucumber ovaries

Some farmers claim that cucumbers grow faster if you increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. To do this, next to the beds put capacities mullein.

Experts also recommend feeding cucumbers with organic matter, for example, infusion of cow bird droppings or mullein solution. One plant requires about 1 liter of the finished product.

How to spray cucumbers for the ovary

One of the effective ways to feed cucumbers for ovaries is to use boric acid. This trace element affects the processes of growth and development of plants, in particular the formation of ovaries. For spraying the ovaries, you can prepare a solution of boric acid by dissolving 1 gram of the substance in 1 liter of water. Using a sprayer, process the cucumbers evenly.

Top dressing of cucumbers with boric acid should be carried out periodically, in particular if the ovaries turn yellow and dry. The optimal frequency may be once every 10-14 days. It is important to adhere to the recommended concentration of boric acid solution and properly handle the ovaries in order to avoid possible overdrying of plants.

Proper use of boric acid to spray the ovaries can help form larger ovaries and increase cucumber yields. However, before using any measures, it is necessary to identify the cause of the problem and take the necessary measures to restore the balance of nutrients in the soil and optimize the conditions for growing cucumbers.

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