【Mark Six 2023 Strategy/Golden Duo Po/Duplex/Single Style/Jockey Club Betting Station/Past Bead Mixing Results/Jackpot Chance】Stepping into June, you have another chance to become a multi-millionaire! The new round of Mark Six will be played at 6:6pm on Tuesday (June 13), and since no one has won the jackpot for four consecutive periods, it is estimated that the jackpot fund will be as high as $9 million if the bet is 30 yuan this time.
Bets close at 4.10pm on Tuesdays. Which numbers have the highest winning rates in the past? Multiplex betting points? How much does it cost to buy an 3-word duplex? The following are answers one by one.

Mark Six has 49 numbers, and "Hong Kong 01" summarizes the number of numbers in the past 7 months from the Jockey Club data, which number is the most popular? You can pay attention before buying Mark Six lottery.

According to the above chart, the most numbers have been stirred up in the past 7 months, which are 7, 12, 14, 18, 20, 32, and 40.

Another thing to note is that there are 6 numbers that have not been stirred up for nearly a month, including No. 8, No. 10, No. 13, No. 23, No. 29, and No. 36.

How much is the eight words of Mark Six duplex?

The question that many people are concerned about is, how much does it cost to bet on Mark Six different bets? How much does a duplex, eight words cost? Take a look at the chart below to know ▼▼▼

Top 10 luckiest betting places

In addition to choosing numbers, you can also go to or near the luckiest betting station, the following betting stations with the most jackpots in the Mark Six in the past years, you can refer to.

Top 10 Lucky Betting Stations Map Location. (Jockey Club)

If you are lucky enough to win, you must register and claim the prize by the specified time. When is the deadline for prize claiming? What should I do if I lose my ticket?

Mark Six Prize Claim Notice + Deadline! Is it good to lose lottery points? ▼▼▼


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How much is the eight words of Mark Six duplex?

The amount of one bet is 280 yuan, and the amount of half bet is 140 yuan. For more details, please click here...

Which Club Mark Six betting station is the luckiest?

Here are the top 10 betting stations with the most jackpots in Mark Six over the years, you can refer to it. For details: Please click here