For several years now, there has been a problem with Mr. Geshev. He forgot himself. Judicial reform is needed and it cannot pass without the resignation of Mr. Geshev. TheUnion of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, successor of Assoc. Petar Nikolov in the show "The Day Live" on Nova News.

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The attempted assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev and his requested resignation 436

In his words, a prosecutor should run away from politics, there should be no political affiliations. "We have seen the Attorney General's efforts to fail the government. The peak was when he called the deputies political garbage. There is a grave misunderstanding of the separation of powers and his powers," he said.

After the entry into force of the mechanism for investigation of the Prosecutor General, signals were received against Geshev

"There is no more consistent party than GERB GERBis a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in and out of Mr. Borisov, who say that a judicial reform should be made. We are consistent in this regard," Nikolov said.

"The president must sign the decree on the release of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. War between institutions and sabotage of institutions will not lead to anything good. He must make sure that this crisis ends as soon as possible. There is no winner from it. I expect that the president will not add fuel to the fire, and even if he does not sign the decree, the process will only be delayed," the MP said.

The Assassination Attempt on Ivan Geshev and His Demanded Resignation

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