A similar type of policy, which led to $12 billion, has led to a new nuclear power plant. A deficit is unacceptable and unacceptable. Now it is very complicated and difficult to return the account to the normal limits. This was stated by the former Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov Vladislav Ivanov Goranovis Minister of Finance. He was born on April 30, 1977.

According to him, after the covid pandemic, a new policy related to poor balancing of costs has been launched. Politicians are blowing up spending to appeal to voters. We forgot to be conservative, he said.

He pointed out that it is too early to say what the financial policy of the Denkov-Gabriel government will be. There are no claims that taxes will not be raised. It is declared that the euro area is a priority, we should aim for a 3% deficit. I hope that a reasonable financial balance will be achieved. Reducing the deficit from 6.5 percent to 3 percent is associated with large spending cuts, Goranov said.

He pointed out that part of the risks for achieving a 3% deficit are related to the desire to shrink investments. Half of the capital expenditures cannot be reduced because they are related to EU funds. The other half is related to the cost of the army, There are unpaid expenses with the travel companies. Here are the big items associated with investments. The fact that we would technically manage to reduce the deficit poses risks of depriving ourselves of investment in education and infrastructure, the former finance minister said.

Goranov: We could end up with $12 billion. Lv. Deficit and lockdown of the government

Regarding the reshuffles in the revenue agencies, he pointed out that Assen Vassilev as Finance Minister has the right to choose his team. In his words, however, there are some doubts about some appointments.

On the topic of the possible return of Vasil Bozhkov as a protected witness, Goranov pointed out that he was not worried. Everything in the case of missing millions from gambling in the treasury is said. It is good for this process to be set in motion and completed, he added.

Goranov said that his inclusion in the latest Magnitsky list is an administrative penalty. I'm not proud of the fact that I'm included. I think the U.S. government was misled with the wrong information. I do not think that sanctioning me is a threat to Boyko Borisov, he said.

Vladislav Goranov