During the exchange on June 11, a border guard returned from Russian captivity, who had a birthday on that very day. Now he calls it a "gift of fate."

A heartbreaking video of the border guard's return was published by the press service of the SBGS on June 12.

The defender released from captivity is touched by how warmly they were welcomed at home.

"The emotions were overwhelming. He exhaled when he set foot on Ukrainian soil. Here I am at home. This is not conveyable. Especially when we left the border. Children with flags, greet. Tears welled up. I turned away, cried... Do not convey these emotions, they must be felt. In words, it's hard," says the soldier.

The cordinist also shared his emotions that he was "unusual and so pleased to receive congratulations from strangers and at the same time such dear people who do not hold back tears of joy."

He said that in Russian captivity it was difficult for him morally.

"I'm Ukrainian by nationality and that's it. It is not clear to me where such aggression and cruelty come from, because we Ukrainians? So, right? Because we Ukrainians, they hate us. The earth is round, you don't know what will happen to you. Take at least those prisoners whom they abuse. You can also be captured," added the happy border guard.

Large-scale exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia

Recall that on June 11, 95 defenders returned home from Russian captivity. Among them - 51 representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (including 15 territorial defencemen), 29 national guardsmen, 11 border guards, four sailors.

The Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War said that all those released were men. Among them are two officers, the rest are privates and sergeants. separately, they managed to return the defenders who were in captivity in PMC "Wagner" and Kadyrov unit "Akhmat". Also among the released soldiers are defenders of Mariupol (including Azovstal) and Snake Island. Prisoners from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are going home.

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