Before the full-scale war, many famous men with different citizenships lived and worked in Ukraine. When Russia launched its invasion, celebrities stayed in the country, although they could leave.

Famous foreign men actively help Ukraine. They raise funds for humanitarian needs, donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, give charity concerts and performances, and tell the truth about the hostile actions of the Russian occupiers on Ukrainian lands. Moreover, some celebrities are determined to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

The editors of prepared a selection about famous foreign men who remained in Ukraine despite the war, although they were able to leave without hindrance.

Jeffrey Kenny from TVORCHI

The member of the band TVORCHI, who represented Ukraine at Eurovision-2023, is from Nigeria. When the Russian occupiers launched a full-scale invasion, the musician could freely go abroad. However, Jeffrey stayed. Together with another member of TVORCHI Andriy Gutsulyak, the singer helps Ukraine. By the way, Jeffrey is also actively studying the Ukrainian language and even invited a tutor for this.

Andrey Gutsuliak and Jeffrey Kenny / Photo:

Hector Jimenez-Bravo

The famous chef was abroad when a full-scale war began in Ukraine. However, the celebrity first came from Colombia to Poland, where he was engaged in volunteering, and then to Ukraine. In Kyiv, Hector continued to help Ukrainians affected by the actions of the Russian occupiers, traveled to the front line to feed the defenders, and even went to study military affairs in order to be able to protect himself and his family if anything.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo / Photo:

Eugene Smorigin

Actor and comedian Evgeny Smorigin is from Belarus, but has been living and working in Ukraine for many years. When Russia launched a full-scale invasion, Yevhen did not travel abroad. Instead, at the end of last year, the actor decisively decided to obtain Ukrainian citizenship and even passed the appropriate exam.

Evgeny Smorigin / Photo:

Murat Nalcacioglu

Businessman Murat Nalcacioglu is from Turkey, so he could stay abroad during a full-scale war. The man was in his home country at the beginning of the Russian invasion, but returned to Ukraine. The businessman was engaged in humanitarian aid and covered the truth about a full-scale war. By the way, in early June, Nalcacioglu played a wedding in Koncha-Zaspa with his chosen one, Ukrainian makeup artist Lilia. At his holiday, the businessman confessed his love for Ukraine and sent a "gift" to the Russian invaders in the form of a projectile.

Wedding of ex-husband Ani Lorak Murat / Photo:

Meanwhile, Murat's ex-wife, Ani Lorak, a native of Chernivtsi, chose Russia, keeps silent about the war in Ukraine, justifies the hostile actions of the invaders and earns blood rubles.

Dmitry Tankovich

TV presenter and comedian Dmitry Tankovich is from Belarus. When a full-scale war began, a man could go abroad. However, Dmytro remained in Ukraine. The comedian gives charity concerts and tells the right about the Russian invasion. By the way, Tankovich also plans to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. The TV presenter already has all the documents ready. However, obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is a rather complicated process in war conditions.

Dmytro Tankovych / Photo: press service of the channel "1+1"

Amador Lopez

The famous dancer Amador Lopez is from Venezuela. A month before the start of a full-scale war, the celebrity received Ukrainian passport and became a citizen of Ukraine. Amador even moved his mother to Kyiv, who lived in Venezuela. When the full-scale war began, Lopez went to Makariv and lived under constant shelling for three weeks in occupation. At the first opportunity, the dancer went with his mother to the west of Ukraine. Amador persuaded his loved one to go abroad, but the woman refused and stayed with her son. Lopez himself does not regret that he received citizenship and cannot leave Ukraine. The dancer is proud to have become a true Ukrainian and helps accelerate victory in the war against Russia.

Amador Lopez / Photo:

Previously, the editors of made a selection about famous Ukrainian men who went abroad during the war and did not return. Among them are dancer Vlad Yama, comedian Alexander Ellert and others.

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