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TheUnion of Democratic Forces (UDF) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, successor of and "We continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" do not trust each other, but can build one over time. This is what Ivaylo Shotev from PP-DB said on the air of "Wake Up".

"We are absolutely incompatible – like oil and water. However, we must privately abandon party interests and approach statehood in order to have constitutional reform. We are fully aware that the Denkov-Gabriel cabinet is working in an extremely unusual situation," he said.

"For constitutional reform to happen, a much broader majority is needed. That is why I believe that the support of most of the parliamentary forces is needed, this includes the MRF Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, enjoying it. This is necessary in order to increase trust in the judiciary. The businessmanand MP for 4 mandates from the civil quota of the MRF Delyan Peevski was born in Sofia in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs is the right of this parliamentary group, "the MP commented.

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About Barcelonagate:

"Our parliamentary group has made a request for this information. Lawyers will give their opinion. I believe that the topic of immunities will be raised continuously. Any immunity that is requested to a member of parliament should be given, "says Ivaylo Shotev.

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