Ukraine at the Vilnius summit will receive an algorithm for joining NATO.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Defense Volodymyr Havrylov.

According to him, at the summit in July, NATO countries "will come to a certain order of our accession, which will be fixed."

Despite the consensus decision-making mechanism and the veto power of the Alliance, Havrylov is convinced that there will be no problems with making a decision on Ukraine.

"There are all indications that Ukraine will get what it wants in a certain format. Already now, at the summit in Vilnius, Ukraine must clearly understand that after the war, let's say within a year or two, after carrying out certain procedural things, we will be members of NATO," Havrylov said.

We will remind, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the issue of Ukraine's accession to NATO is practically resolved - the door of the alliance is open, and the Russian Federation does not have the right to veto its expansion.

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