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Germany is struggling with a labor shortage. One out of every six jobs lacks staff. This is according to an analysis by the Federal Employment Agency. The results also show that the number of occupations affected by labour shortages has increased by 1/4 for the past year.

For engineers, the vacancies are a record over 170,000 thousand. It is expected that especially in this sector the situation will not improve and in the future the number of freshmen in the basic engineering disciplines will have decreased dramatically.

A noticeable lack is also felt in drivers, medical assistants, in professions such as construction, those related to child care, even in the field of computer specialists.

The minimum wage in Germany is 12 euros per hour. It is good to know this if you have decided to go to work in the country. You should also know that the minimum rate is expected to be increased within days.

The consultant Stanimir Mihaylov gives free consultations for all who are looking for a better job abroad. Although it is illegal, even now some workers receive less than the minimum wage per hour.

"Now, in practice, some workers receive less than 12 euros if they are not paid all the hours, which is illegal. It is also not legal when they are not paid overtime. Everyone should document well the hours they have worked," he appealed to Nova TV.

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If this happens, the workers are not alone. There are free consultants who could help them in their native language. "In the event that an oral conversation with the employer does not help, it is good that all documented hours are presented in writing and a claim. If employers do not pay, the next step is the court for labor disputes, "explained Mihaylov.