Furniture in the attic, waves in the garden and completely blocked by the water of the village. In the Mykolaiv region, three hundred houses were flooded in the Snihurivska community, rescuers are evacuating people on boats. To several settlements, roads and bridge crossings over the past day have become completely impassable, TSN says.

Water is still rapidly arriving, flooding the Ingulets River, a rise in the water level is recorded at 5 meters. Locals in the city go on foot to relatives in flooded villages and fortify their homes in houses adjacent to the river with bags of earth.

Flooded electric poles, trees and houses in the water on the other bank of the Ingulets River - water over the past day arrives 20 cm every hour.

In Vitaliy's yard, the wind raises waves of water, like on the sea, only in the middle of the garden. People save property in attics, creatures carry to neighbors, where it is higher.

Residents of flooded community houses are accommodated in a local hospital. In Snigurivka itself for the second day there is no water and light. "One of the 6 wells is working, the rest we turned off so as not to burn the pumps. In the morning, 6 points for the delivery of drinking water were organized. 400 people have left their homes, 70 are children," says Ivan Kukhta, head of the military administration of the Snihurivka territorial community.

Large waters, flooding local roads and bridges, in the fields, rapid streams can lift dangerous munitions that remain here due to hostilities.

The flood of the Ingulets River cut off the way to Vasylivka, now people remain blocked there. Local families come to see how much the water rises in the lower part of Snihurivka.

The streets of the village coastal to the river are already under water, some managed to leave by car. In the village cut off from land, there is still enough water and food. Most of them still have stocks of humanitarian aid after de-occupation. "The authorities travel, look, ask what people need, who wants to evacuate, who needs help, people are worried about it," locals say.

In total, 13 settlements in the Snihurivska hromada have been cut off from road traffic. Operational headquarters centrally distribute drinking water to people and, together with rescuers, evacuate locals from flooded houses. Four dozen people were rescued from Afanasiyevka by boat the day before. How much more water will arrive in the Mykolaiv region, no one undertakes to predict.

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