The fact that interest rates are higher in banks makes everyone think. Loans to owners are issued starting at 14 per cent, while agricultural-related loans are 6%, but that is too much.

"APA-Economics" reports that Siavus Novruzov, chairman of the parliament's Regional Affairs Committee, made this statement at today's session of the National Assembly.

"What should an entrepreneur who receives a 14% loan do to both repay a loan and make a profit and keep an employee? About 10,90 currency exchange stations were closed in Azerbaijan. The simple mechanism has been abolished and the black market is now in operation. We have gone back to the 50s. Tourist arrives in Azerbaijan, where does he change his currency? Anyone who wants to change his currency in Alejandro has to change his currency in the city. Additionally, 100,<> loans were required to open currency exchange stations. I think a currency exchange station should be opened in the form of parking (new parking installed in Baku), and citizens should work there. Additionally, banks do not insure more than <>,<> denarii. In that case, how can a citizen rely on a bank? "The banking sector needs to be serious about these issues," the MP added.