Flooding in town due to flooding of Bayamo River. Photo: CMKX Radio Bayamo.

In the last 48 hours, provinces of eastern Cuba have been affected by heavy rains, as a result of the combination of a trough in the middle and upper levels of the troposphere over the Gulf of Mexico, a humid flow from the south in the low levels and the afternoon instability have been the causes of these intense rains. which in turn have caused the flooding of rivers and floods in several territories.

Among them is Bayamo. This is shown on the website of CMKX Radio Bayamo:

The reservoirs of Santiago de Cuba and Holguín increase their levels

Heavy rains benefit the reservoirs in Santiago de Cuba. Photo: Odette Elena Ramos Colás/ACN.

Alexis Mora, coordinator of the Hydraulic Resources program of the Provincial Government, informed the Cuban News Agency today that the reservoirs of the province of Santiago de Cuba are at 57% of their filling capacity due to heavy rains in the area.

In the last 24 hours, significant levels have been recorded in the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes dams at 69%, Protesta de Baraguá at 61.2%, and Gilbert at 61%.

The Parada and Gota Blanca dams, which were in critical condition due to drought, have improved their situation to 37% and 41%, respectively. There is still 43% of capacity available in the reservoirs to guarantee the supply of water in case of drought. However, Mora mentioned effects on the water supply to the population due to the lack of chemicals in the treatment plants and slight pipe breaks.

In the demarcation of San Luis there is a danger of collapse of two dams due to malfunctioning of the spillways, but measures are being taken to remove the water. Yulian Omar, director of the Hydraulic Exploitation Company in Santiago de Cuba, said that the Santiago reservoirs have increased by 24% and have been reversed by 168 million cubic meters.

According to the Provincial Meteorological Center, the rains will continue in the first half of June due to humidity in the region combined with global warming.

Heavy rains benefit Holguín reservoirs. Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras/ACN.

The province of Holguín has experienced a recovery in its storage sources after the intense rains of recent days, according to Iliana Amat Almaguer, director of Water Balance and Networks at the Hydraulic Use Company.

The reservoirs of the region are at 78.5% of their filling capacity, and the dams destined to the supply systems of the provincial capital, Cacoyugüín, Gibara and Güirabo, have increased their volume to five, 21 and seven million cubic hectometers, respectively.

In addition, the San Andrés, Santa Inés, Tacajó, Birán, Jagüeyes and Mayarí dams are being discharged, as well as Cacoyuguín.

(With information from ACN)