The European Union (EU) aims to promote peace, the prosperous Southern Caucasus.

Peter Mikhalko, head of the ECHR's Azerbaijani Delegation, told the EPA.

According to him, the ongoing peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia has seen the strong and intense participation of AI Council President Charles Michel: "The Brussels process is ongoing. On May 14, the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia met in Brussels, and the next meeting is scheduled for July. There was also a recent meeting of leaders in the Moldovan capital, Kishinyov. It is very good that the process continues. The European Union wants to help it achieve peace."

The diplomat also talked about the bloc's Georgian crisis and Toivo Klaar's trip to the region: "As I noted, the EC is actively involved in the process. Mr. Claar, a special representative of the ECB, has traveled to Baku. Today we are in Lancashire, and he continues his meetings in Baku. The goal is to move the process further."