The Australian complained that her ex posted an ad on the Web that she was engaged in prostitution.

Gia Frino told A Current Affair that strangers contacted her with questions about her "services" and she even had queues at the door of the house.

The single mother said she dated her husband for about 18 months after they met online, but claimed the agony only started when they ended the relationship.

She claimed that she was initially hit by a flurry of phone calls and messages.

"They were extremely aggressive towards me. They threatened me, my family and even my dog," Gia recalled.

Gia Frino / Photo: A Current Affair

Then, she said, an advertisement began selling her as a prostitute, and her personal data, including her address, was published online.

"He sent me an email and text message saying, 'Good night, lots of bookings, lots of requests,'" she said. I managed to shoot the commercial, but five different people had already come to the house."

Strangers come to a woman for intimate services / Photo: A Current Affair

She said that intimate videos she didn't even know about were also posted online.

Frino added that she went to the police, who issued an arrest warrant for her ex-husband, but she believed they didn't take her message seriously.

Gia said things went on and she received 726 phone calls, 417 Facebook messages, 107 posts and 23 fake social media accounts before police arrested her ex.

"The last message was about an hour before they picked him up and the police officer said, 'I just saw his phone and I can't believe what you had to face,'" she said.

New South Wales Police said they could not comment as the case is pending in court.

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