In the US, employees at an animal shelter were puzzled by one of their dogs.

The pit bull, at Brenda's exclamation, climbed over a high brick wall to be with her dog-friend. It is reported by CBS Philadelphia.

Brenda and Linda's pit bulls made their way to the Minneapolis Center for Animal Care and Control around the same time. Since then, they have become closest friends and their bond is so strong that nothing can separate them.

Brenda and Linda's pitbulls / Photo: Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

Madison Weissenborn, an animal care worker, said she had never seen two dogs become inseparable so quickly.

"Me and another employee were walking through nurseries and we walked past and we didn't understand what was happening. Because two pit bulls came to the front to greet us," she recalled.

CCTV footage captured a cunning Brenda slipping out of her enclosure.

Weissenborn said that from the moment she and her colleagues realized that Linda and Brenda is a complex deal when it comes to finding a new host for them.

"We knew they had to be together," she said. "We watched the video we have and I almost died. I'll think it's really wonderful."

By the way, Brenda and Linda have already found a family from Minneapolis. They were both taken away.

In the comments on YouTube, admiring viewers did not hold back their emotions.

  • What a wonderful story
  • It's so cute
  • How good it is that Brenda and Linda have each other

Recall that in the United States, the city went on the last walk of a dog that is dying. He became a friend to the inhabitants of all Dupont.

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