Sun Zodiac Change: Sun transit will prove to be auspicious for some zodiac signs.

Surya Transit 2023: According to astrology, it is considered very important for the planets to change the zodiac sign or transit from one zodiac sign to another. Amount change can affect other amounts in many ways in addition to the amount in which it is happening. Sun God or Sun planet is called the king of the solar system. According to astrology, sun transit has the ability to have a positive or negative effect on all zodiac signs. On June 15, the Sun is going to transit in Mercury's zodiac sign Gemini. The Sun will enter Gemini at 6:17 am on this day. Know which zodiac signs are considered auspicious and which zodiac signs are likely to have an auspicious effect.

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Effect of Sun Transit on Zodiac Signs | Solar Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs


Sun transit in June can prove to be very good for Virgo. People of this zodiac can get success in the field of career. Also, there is a possibility of appreciation in the workplace and increase in economic status.


Aquarius is also among the zodiac signs that are positively affected by sun transit. Aquarius can increase happiness in the family. Good progress is also being made for students studying and employed people.


The transit of sun in Gemini is making good yoga for Cancer. Cancer can get auspicious results. There may be a promotion and there is a possibility of profit in business. Apart from this, there will be happiness in the family.


The lord of Leo is the planet Sun (Sun). In such a situation, sun transit is going to be beneficial for Leo. Relations between people of this zodiac can improve and love affairs will improve. The economic side can also be good.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on common assumptions and information.

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