A billionaire biohacker who spends millions of dollars annually trying to change his biological age has declassified his diet.

Brian Johnson, who recently injected himself with the blood of his teenage son, shared that he eats more than 30 kg of vegetables every month. He told about this on his YouTube channel.

In search of an answer to the question of eternal youth, the Californian gathered a first-class team of scientists, trainers and nutritionists to see if they can actually make him younger.

The Blueprint project, led by anti-aging expert from Cambridge, Dr Oliver Zolman, closely monitors his blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels and sexual health and captured 33,000 images inside his intestines.

In addition to the exhausting fitness regimen, the 45-year-old man has a very strict diet, in which there are a lot of vegetables – more than 30 kg.
Speaking about his impeccably clean lifestyle, Johnson said that he used to eat only once a day, which contained all the calories he needed.

"I used to eat once a day... My body fat dropped to three percent, which is too little," he shared.
When asked how many calories he was eating at the time, Brian replied: "2000. Just having it in one window caused my fat to decrease."

Brian Johnson / Photo: instagram.com/bryanjohnson_

Talking about his unique lifestyle, Johnson said that it's all about what his body needs, not what he wants.

Thus, there are many tests necessary to make a "perfect diet", which also contains dozens of pills and supplements.

He said: "My team and I prepare recipes and we tried to create the perfect diet. So I consume 2150 calories a day and we try to make every calorie that's perfect for my body — we don't lose anything. So this represents all our scientific work, all evidence-based medicine — we tried not to guess. It's all based on hundreds of measurements of my body that generate data, analyze with evidence-based medicine, and then we formulate those recipes."

Recall, meanwhile, the 19-year-old girl shocked with her dubious diet. She eats only raw steaks and offal.

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