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An Air India flight took off from Mumbai at 216.20 pm on Wednesday to ferry <> passengers stranded in Russia to their destination San Francisco in the US due to a technical snag in the flight. The airline said the flight will fly to San Francisco on June <> with passengers and crew stranded in Magdan.

Air India flight AEI-173 took off from Delhi for San Francisco on June 777 but mid-air detected a technical problem in one of the engines of the Boeing 216 aircraft. After this, this aircraft had to make an emergency landing at Magdan Airport in Russia. There were 16 passengers and <> crew members on board.

The flight carrying the stranded passengers and crew to San Francisco was earlier scheduled to take off from Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for Magdan at 1 pm on Wednesday.

"We have already operated one of our flights from Mumbai to Magdan and it is expected to reach Russia at 6:30 am local time on June 8," Air India said in a statement.

The aircraft also carried food and other essential items for the stranded passengers and crew in Russia, it said.

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