Model Amber May has had five breast augmentation surgeries.

A 23-year-old girl from Leicestershire admits that she is used to plastic surgery, reports

She wants to look like a Barbie doll. So, Amber increased her breasts from the second to the 14th size, did a Brazilian buttock lift, two operations on the nose, and also injected fillers into the face.

May to plastic surgery:

Amber May to plastic surgery / Photo:

In total, she spent almost 90 thousand dollars on various surgical procedures.

May after plastic surgery:

The girl increased her breasts 5 times / Photo:

Despite this, the model is going to go under the plastic surgeon's knife again to make her breasts, which weigh like two bricks, even larger.

"Most of my fans love my breasts. But I often get comments from haters on my TikTok page saying I've gone too far or that my breasts are bursting but I just ignore them. I love the way my breasts look and my true fans also love it as I get bigger," she commented.

She spent almost 90 thousand dollars on various surgical procedures. / Photo:

So May has scheduled plastic surgery for late 2023. It will do it in Belgium for $37,<>.
Amber says it was difficult to find a brave enough surgeon to make her breasts even bigger: "It's hard to find a surgeon who will implant larger than my current size — there are few of that in the world. Can't wait to see them."

New plastic surgery is planned for the end of the year / Photo:

Although the model is excited about the upcoming procedure, the 23-year-old admits that through her breasts she got into some difficult situations.

"My breasts restrict me in some things like exercising and tying shoelaces on my boots. I struggle to find clothes in size. I even had to buy a bigger car so I could fit in it," she shared.

She also had a Brazilian buttock lift / Photo:

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