The Briton, who claims to have lived as a woman and dated boys for 10 years, is now changing gender and looking for a wife.

It is reported by Caters News Agency.

Oli London, 33, was given a male gender at birth, but suffered from "gender identity issues" and began identifying as trans in his 20s.

Oli London before the sex change / Photo:

He underwent facial feminization surgery and later became engaged to a man, but the relationship fell apart when he began to doubt his gender identity again.

Oli underwent a series of plastic surgeries / Photo:

Now, a rare move for those who have made the transition, London is re-identifying as a man and says she believes heterosexual relationships with women can be the key to happiness.

"I've been dating guys for the last ten years and now I'm tired of them, so I thought maybe women would make me happier," he said. "Until last year, I was married to my husband. After I switched to another transformation, nothing happened. We broke up. After that, nothing worked out in relations with the guys. I would either be deceived or they wouldn't be interested."

Oli began identifying as trans-female in her 20s. / Photo:

Having defined herself as a woman, London was married to a man / Photo:

London says he now wears suits and takes testosterone to look macho.

Now he wears suits and takes testosterone / Photo:

In addition to trying to court women while being a muscular guy, London says he also tries not to be too "obsessive" with any potential partners.

"When I like someone, I become too obsessive and people think I'm too obsessed, so I'm taught to distance myself," he said. "I have to keep disappearing, ignoring messages for days to make them worry and think about me. It's good to always be busy because people are interested in people who are constantly busy."

Oli dreams of his wife and children / Photo:

London believes that advice from temptation works wonders because he enthusiastically declared: "One woman loves me especially much!"

While the search for his ideal partner continues, London is already idealizing a very family future.

"I want to reason, get married and have a child, and I see that this will happen to a woman. I want to live on a farm with a lot of animals, a good wife and a child," he said.

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