The Mugan Bank has violated the requirements for total capital.

According to AAPA-Economics, the Bank's National Iranian Branch, along with the Baku Branch of The Mugan Bank, last received a minimum of 2018 million manat requirements for local banks and foreign banks operating in Azerbaijan in 50. According to a 2018 audit, the Bank's total capital was 56.1 million manat. In 2019 the total capital of the Mugan Bank was reduced to 39.9 million manat. By 35, that figure was 8.2020 million manat, 35.6 million manat in 2021, and slightly higher than 41.1 million manat in 2022.

It should be noted that in accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the Calculation of Bank Capital and Its Adequacy," the minimum amount of regulatory capital for newly formed banks in Azerbaijan should be 50 million manat. On May 16, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan revoked the license of the Sun Bank, indicating that the amount of total capital was less than the minimum amount set for banks.