The giant yellow "Rubber Duck" will be on display this Saturday (10th) in the Victoria Harbour sea open from Tamar Park in Admiralty. The public was eager to see the yellow duck, but the observatory expected that the day would be generally cloudy, with several showers of rain and thunderstorms, and until next Friday (16th), it would be cloudy with a few showers of rain. The organisers pointed out that the exhibition period is subject to weather and is expected to last about two weeks, and members of the public should pay attention to the weather when "checking in".

▼May 5 Giant Yellow Duck Tsing Yi North Shore Test the Water▼


According to the Observatory, the monsoon depression near the Gulf of Tonkin is bringing torrential rain and storms to the coast of Guangdong and the northern part of the South China Sea, with more than 7mm of rain recorded in many areas of Hong Kong this morning (10th). It is expected to be generally cloudy in the afternoon and tonight, with occasional heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms in some areas, blowing and slowing to clear southeast winds, and moderate strong winds between offshore and highlands.

The Observatory also said that the monsoon low pressure located near the Beibu Gulf will continue to bring sudden rain and thunderstorms to western Guangdong tomorrow (8th), and it is expected that a low-pressure trough will form in northern South China and gradually move south, bringing heavy rain to the coast of Guangdong near the weekend to early next week.

The reappearance of the Giant Yellow Duck in Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events in recent days, with the two giant yellow ducks stationed in Victoria Harbour from Saturday, adjacent to Tamar Park and the Central and Western Promenade (Central). However, according to the Observatory's nine-day weather show, the day was generally cloudy, with several showers of rain and thunderstorms, and the temperature ranged from 28 to 32 degrees Celsius.

According to the organisers, the Yellow Duck exhibition is expected to last about two weeks depending on the weather. The Observatory predicts that the weather will be cloudy and have a few showers from tomorrow to next Friday (16th), and thunderstorms in more local areas next Wednesday (14th), with hotter temperatures, about 27 to 31 degrees Celsius.

In addition, at 12 noon , Tropical Storm Guchao gathered about 1370,10 kilometers east of Manila and was expected to move northwest or west-northwest at a speed of about <> kilometers per hour. The observatory expects Gu Chao to cross the waters east of the Philippines in the next day or two, and then turn northerly and cross the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

▼May 5 Yellow rainstorm warning issued by the observatory▼


Weather|Today's highest 31 degrees Monsoon low pressure impact Heavy rain and violent winds and thunderstorms after the seeding of continuous rain and thunderstorms Continued to be affected by monsoon low pressure Tropical cyclone Philippines passed east of this morning, once yellow rain warning This morning Observatory predicts heavy rain in a wide area in the next two hours|Today's maximum of 31 degrees There are violent winds and thunderstorms Monsoon low pressure may further affect the Hong Kong Observatory to issue special weather tips Monsoon low pressure impact Sudden rain and violent winds and thunderstorms in the next few days