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Residents and guests from the country and abroad welcomed in Pomorie the icon "St. The Virgin Mary-It is Worthy", brought to the seaside town on the occasion of the nineteenth International Festival of Orthodox Music, bearing her name. The Mayor of Pomorie Ivan Alexiev received the permission of the Holy Synod and the blessing of His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte for the icon to leave the confines of the church "St. Alexander Nevski" in the capital and to be transported to the Pomorie church "Holy Nativity of the Virgin Mary". There, the miraculous face of the Mother of God will be exhibited until June 11.

For the first time, the miraculous image of the Mother of God arrived in the seaside town in 2013, at the initiative of Mayor Ivan Alexiev. Since then, the reception of the icon has become an integral part of the festival and a long-awaited event for all laymen.

This year is the 19th edition of the Orthodox Forum. The participants are 340 of the 14 performing groups from Bulgaria, Serbia and Poland. Today the event began with the welcoming of the miraculous icon, a procession and a blessing of water in cooperation with clergy from the country and guests of the festival. His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian of Stara Zagora and His Eminence Bishop of Agatopol Hieroteus, together with other clerics, celebrated a blessing of water and wished success to this year's undertaking.

The temple in Buhovo got a new icon of the Virgin Mary after a donor took it (photos)

The official start was given by Mayor Ivan Alexiev, who welcomed everyone to the International Festival of Orthodox Music, which turned Pomorie into the capital of Orthodoxy. In his welcoming speeches, the mayor also thanked for the honor that the miraculous icon should again be the patroness of the city in this godly deed.

I thank everyone who is directly involved in the organization of this festival, because in these difficult times it is very difficult to preserve spirituality and faith. And we do it in Pomorie. Let's be an example to everyone and bow our heads a little to be a little more humble and better, to rediscover the good in ourselves and pass it on to others. It's not just a festival. This is a celebration of faith, pointed out the mayor.

The Orthodox festival will last five days. Tonight was the first of a series of concerts. It was attended by duo Silvia Mladenska and Desislava Mladenska, church choir at the temple "Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin" - Botevgrad, formation for Byzantine music "Trisagion" - Sofia, choral formation "Kanto nova" - Sofia, male choir "St. Ivan Rilski" – Dupnitsa, representative choir of Stara Zagora Diocese "St. Apostle Karp" – Stara Zagora.

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