Ukraine warned about a possible catastrophe of international scale last fall. The Ukrainian authorities demanded that world politicians send an international observation group to the hydroelectric station in Nova Kakhovka, TSN reports.

Nova Kakhovka, just 80 kilometers from Crimea, the Russian army occupied it on the first day of the full-scale invasion, but the strategic target of the occupiers was the Kakhovka reservoir. It is from there that water is supplied to the North Crimean Canal, the hydroelectric station was captured on the same day.

After the occupation of Nova Kakhovka, the Russian invaders actually turned the city into their military base. The Kakhovka HPP was mined, in fact, immediately after the capture, back in April 22, and six months later the occupiers were mining locks and supports. Two military tent KAMAZ trucks loaded with boxes of explosives are left on the dam.

Russia is preparing a terrorist act at the Kakhovka HPP, the Ukrainian authorities immediately warn the world about this, and on October 22, Volodymyr Zelensky calls on the UN, the European Union and other international organizations to send an international observation mission together with Ukrainian experts to the occupied hydroelectric power plant.

But then international politicians did not hear Ukraine, and this despite the scenarios provided by Ukraine. In particular, that Crimea may be left without water for a long time.

But Russia continued to deliberately prepare the ground for a large-scale catastrophe. In November, Zelensky gathers the headquarters of the commander-in-chief and addresses Moscow directly. "I want to once again warn everyone individually in Moscow who makes the relevant decisions, any of your attempts to blow up the Kakhovka HPP and flood our territory and dewater the ZNPP will mean your declaration of war to the whole world. Think about what will happen to you then," the president said.

Last night, Russian explosives on the Kakhovka dam detonated. Thus began the environmental disaster.

In the first minutes after the explosion, a message appears on UN Twitter that today marks the International Day of the Russian language. "The Russian command in Russian gave the order to blow up the Kakhovka dam. A great day at the UN to celebrate the Russian language! The UN tweets about cultural diversity, ignoring the biggest catastrophe in Europe in decades, caused solely by Russia. Why be silent?" said Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indignantly.

The media estimate that it took the UN 9 hours to write a tweet condemning the blowing up of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station. However, the message, which ultimately calls for the protection of civilians, does not say who caused the disaster.

The German chancellor does not dare to pronounce the word "Russia" either. Olaf Scholz, however, strongly urges to continue to support our state. It was the war unleashed by Russia that caused the catastrophe - such a message is heard from Britain. But the Baltic States and the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry call the aggressor state a terrorist who must be stopped. To punish Moscow for what has been done - promised in Brussels.

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