Singer L-Gante performs after a match between Argentina and Peru as part of the South American Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 at the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti on October 14, 2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Credit: Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)

(CNN Spanish) -- Argentine singer Elián Ángel Valenzuela, known as L-Gante, will remain in custody of the authorities and will face his first hearing this Thursday in a court of Guarantees. The artist was arrested on Tuesday, June 6 at his residence in the west of the Province of Buenos Aires, according to the Police.

L-Ghent is being investigated for alleged unlawful deprivation of liberty, aggravated threats and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to a police statement.

Leonardo Sigal, the whistleblower's lawyer, told CNN the version of events they presented to the authorities. He said that on May 27, the complainant and the musician coincided in the same dance venue in the city of General Rodríguez, where there was an argument that continued at the exit of the place. He added that when the man returned home he saw that some members of the L-Ghent group were assaulting his family and wanted to intervene, when the singer "pointed a gun at him and forced him to get into his vehicle, in the presence of his wife and daughter" minor. On that trip, he said, he received threats.

At the same time, Sigal continued, "the woman called the police and held those of the Mafilia in the place" (in reference to the group led by the artist). Upon learning that, Valenzuela reportedly phoned someone to demand that his friends be released. The lawyer said a review of the musician's phone records was requested and that police officers who responded to the scene gave a statement confirming their claims. CNN was unable to access the file, as it is under gag order.

L-Ghent's lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla, confirmed to CNN his client's detention. In addition, in an interview with TN, Cipolla said that the procedure "is exaggerated" considering the type of complaint, which, in his opinion, "merits release." The lawyer added that the singer told him about "an altercation" in which a member of his band and a "political pointer" or political reference in the area would have been involved.


For his part, Sigal said they hope "that the extraordinary release is not granted so that the process is not hindered and that it reaches trial," he added.

The Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 9 of Moreno's judicial department carried out several raids, including that of the house where L-Ghent was detained. In addition to establishing the singer's whereabouts, authorities aimed to identify possible firearms, ammunition and cell phones, according to the police report.