From now until June 20, pensions will be paid in June. Transfers of the amounts for the current month to the accounts of pensioners who receive their money by bank transfer will be made today, informed the National Social Security Institute (NSSI).

On the website of the Ministry there is already a new electronic service related to the right of persons to be extended payment of their disability pension and / or foreign aid supplement even after the expiry of the expert decision of TEMC / NEMC for the time until the issuance of a new one, in case there is a delay in the medical expertise in their re-certification.

Through a "Reference for data received from the Ministry of Health/RHI under the Health Act/TFP of the Amending Act to the Persons with Disabilities Act" pensioners can be informed in real time whether they have received information about their recertification by the authorities of medical expertise, the institute said.

NSSI with important information about the pension schedule and a new e-service

If the persons for whom information has been received under this procedure meet the statutory conditions, the electronic reference will also contain data on the period of the extended payment, as well as on the amount to be paid for the time from the suspension of payment to its subsequent recovery.

The electronic service is available through the rubric "E-services and reports" / "Reports" / "Reports under the personal identification number and PIK of the NSSI" / "In service of the pensioner".


Payment of pensions