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The MPs rejected the Bill amending and supplementing the Law on Amendment and Supplement to the Labour Code, submitted by Kornelia Ninova Korneliya Ninovais a Bulgarian politician from the BSP, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the Coalition for and a group of MPs.

These changes provide for the minimum wage to be set at 50 percent of the average gross salary for the country for a period of 12 months.

In the first vote, the proposal of the BSPthe Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) received the support of 21 MPs. In the revote, the Socialists' proposal received the support of 22 deputies.

The National Assembly rejected a draft decision to terminate an agreement with the United States on the joint use of military bases in Bulgaria

During the debates, there was also a dispute whether raising the minimum wage would lead to an increase in financial instability in the country.

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