Evening news
on June 7

Ugly scandals marked the first working day in Parliament after the election of a new regular cabinet in Bulgaria. One of the parties stated that he was not there to work, but to prevent others from working.


The main protagonists were again the deputies from "Vazrazhdane", who went to the parliamentary rostrum when the MP from PP-DB Yavor Bojankov came to it.

This happened after the vote on whether Delyan Peevski should become part of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. This was done with 109 votes in favour. The support came from GERB - UDF, DPS and ITN.

"Against" voted PP-DB and BSP.

Vazrazhdane was in the hall, however, did not participate in the vote and thus helped Peevski's choice by "playing with the quorum".

Bojankov wanted to explain his vote "against" Peevski's appointment, but Vazrazhdane jumped and did not allow the MP to speak.

A new scandal in the National Assembly - Peevski became a member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, "Vazrazhdane" again hit Bojankov, the meeting was adjourned


The tribune of the National Assembly is not personal property...

Non-admission to speech is a direct violation of the rules of the National Assembly, as well as the right to free expression.

Kostadinov vowed: We will not allow the faces Bojankov and Peykov on the rostrum


"The talks that were held with "Vazrazhdane" all the time they said: Look at the PP and DB will support the proposal of DPS. They saw that we did not support and they did not vote. Why - with the lack of their votes, the result is Peevski to be part of the committee."

"We are here in the Bulgarian Parliament, every member of parliament is here with the votes of the Bulgarian citizens. No one has the right to censor the expression of a Bulgarian MP," Petkov told reporters after leaving Kostadinov's room.

Again a scandal swirled in the National Assembly after Kiril Petkov entered the room of "Vazrazhdane"


"I talked about the importance of continuing to provide assistance to Ukraine. This is very important to ensure our security."

Asked if there was a new request from Ukraine for military assistance, the minister said: "So far I have not been presented with specific documents, but next week there is a ministerial meeting in Brussels, which will be preceded by a meeting in the Ramstein format and I guess there I will get a clearer idea of the specific demands at the moment, the needs are constantly changing, we will see what we can help with."

Minister Tagarev: We will give assistance to Ukraine after a decision of the National Assembly


He urged his ministers to act expeditiously and decisively in order to successfully implement the tasks set.

"We don't have time, no one will give us a hundred days. In the media came out information about distributed, provided funds in quite large amounts, we are talking about billions of levs, without it being clear enough whether they are targeted appropriately, effectively and efficiently.

Information has emerged that there are delayed procedures in some ministries, from which large losses may occur, "he added and asked his ministers to check the information that came out to the media.

Acad. We don't have time, no one will give us a hundred days.


"I will again rely on the professionalism of Pavel Tonev and Rumen Spesov to catch up with the lag of over 1 billion. Lv. in the collection of budget revenues. Urgent action and measures are needed to mobilise the efforts of revenue administrations."

This was stated by Finance Minister Assen Vassilev.

Pavel Tonev is also returned as Head of the Customs Agency


The quake was registered 17 km east of Plovdiv, 15 km southeast of Rakovski. The depth of the quake is 2 km.

The earthquake was felt in Sofia. Witnesses described it as strong.

Strong earthquake hits Bulgaria


Russia has an interest in destroying the dam to contain the Ukrainian army, which this Monday launched attacks in Donetsk and even threatened to cross the Dnieper River and from there move to the southern parts of the country. Russian intelligence has seen reports warning of a possible attack on the mouth of the Dnieper, which is now unfeasible due to rising river levels.

Blowing up Kakhovka dam: Putin repeats Stalin's strategy


Former Vice President Mike Pence officially launched his campaign to win the Republican nomination for president with a video address promising that "the best days are ahead for the greatest nation in the world."

Mike Pence Launches Campaign for Republican Presidential Nomination


A driver has been fined 121,000 euros in Finland for speeding, world agencies reported.

In the Nordic country, penalties for traffic violations are based on the financial situation of the offending driver. In this particular case, we are talking about Anders Viklöf, who is one of the wealthiest Finns.

For speeding: A rich man took a fine of 121,<>. Euro in Finland