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Behind me are part of the team that participates in all talks with GERB, PP and other parties. I call on Mr. Borisov to stop lying and not to make his MPs do the same in the studios and the media, Mrs. Sacheva personally. This was stated by Georgi Svilenski from BSP The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is on the occasion of the words of Boyko Borisov Boyko Metodiev Borisovis the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. He was born on June 13, 1959 that the BSPthe Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is dissatisfied with the new power because it has not become a minister for a regional minister.

"The Bulgarian SocialistParty (BSP for short) has never talked about ministers, ministries, has not raised the issue with names. At least I would have known that I was nominated for a minister," he said.

He believes Borisov is trying to intrigue to divert attention from his requested immunity and "the coalition of disgrace they formed with "Continuing the Change".

"I call on Borisov and Sacheva to stop using the BSPThe Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is like some kind of indulgence for their unprincipled cabinet. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) has neverpresented candidates. This man, who has taken my candidacy to GERB, to invite me to the media, I will stand next to him, "he said.

He was surprised that his name was mentioned only after the cabinet was formed.

Svilenski accused Borisov of lying about the agreements with BSP and ITN, GERB responded

"When immunity is not granted voluntarily, the President of the National Assembly must submit the item for consideration to Parliament. There is no regulation of the committee anywhere. These contraptions of Hristo Ivanov, that a commission will work for 6 months, is their indulgence. The issue of immunity can be resolved in exactly three minutes," he said.

Boyko Borisov


Georgi Svilenski