According to Pinterest forecasts for 2023, women's hair will become shorter. In fashion are cute quarries and other haircuts for medium and short length. Although long hair, like a mermaid, still does not give up its position. In fact, today there is no one trend, says the famous hairdresser and international creative director of ColorWow Dom Seely. Trends largely depend on each person's quirks and personal style. However, this summer, it's worth paying attention to the following seven major hairstyle trends in 2023 that will be popular.

Short haircuts

There are many options for short haircuts. The famous hairdresser Dion Smith believes that in the summer of 2023, pixie haircuts, short beans with and without bangs will be the most popular.

Haircut "French maiden bean" / Photo: Instagram

Paul Percival, a professional hairdresser and founder of Percy&Reed, agrees with this opinion. Another popular option is still the French maiden bean, which has long been considered classic and timeless. In the summer of 2023, it will be updated somewhat, getting even more layers and soft bangs in the style of the 70s-90s.

Bixy haircut is a trendy hairstyle for summer 2023 / Photo: Instagram

If you find it difficult to choose between a bob and a pixie, bixie haircut will be at the peak of popularity in the summer of 2023. She got the best of both hairstyle options: a longer pixie texture and shape and hair framing a bob-like face.

Mermaid length

The aesthetics of mermaids in 2023 can be found everywhere. Along with highlighters and shiny eyeshadow, hair of extraordinary length (wavy, braided, superdirect, corrugated) burst into fashion trends.

Mermaid length is the trend for hairstyles in 2023 / Photo: Instagram

Natural hair texture

Today, naturalness and self-acceptance are in fashion, so it is very important to just love the hair that nature has given you. Barber and founder of Eleven Australia, Joey Scandizzo, believes beauty lies in "how unique the texture of your hair is". It is very important to choose exactly the kind of hairstyle that best emphasizes the main advantages of appearance and uses the features of your hair. Therefore, when creating hairstyles in the summer of 2023, it is important not to overdo it with creams, sprays, varnishes - the more natural the hair looks, the better.

Sleek and sophisticated = elegant

Expressive styles, smooth locks are still popular and will help create a special atmosphere this summer. The glamorous style against the backdrop of a carefree summer looks elegant, sophisticated and extremely interesting. So pay attention to smooth bunches and low tails. Such hairstyles are made quickly and easily, but add to the image of femininity.

Smooth bun — fashionable hairstyles for summer 2023 / Photo: Instagram

Cold blond

The air temperature heats up, but the shade of blond gradually cools. However, you should not move towards ice platinum or bright golden blond in the summer of 2023, it is better to dwell on colder shades. Make sure that the color is not too ashen.

Cold blond is the popular color of summer 2023 / Photo: Instagram

Copper kissed by the sun

Copper hair color has been popular for several seasons and this will not change in the summer of 2023. However, it is worth adjusting it to a softer shade, removing orange tones, says stylist Tom Smith. He also warns that copper colors are sensitive to fading in the sun, so with such coloring it is important to add special conditioners and masks to your daily hair care that restore color.

Volume of the 90s

The trends of the 90s of the last century return not only to our wardrobe. One of the most popular hairstyles of summer 2023 will be hair dried with a hairdryer so as to get maximum volume, like famous models of the time.

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