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"This government cannot be sustainable. The glue that is between these enemies, thesis and antithesis of corruption is their mutual interest. As soon as the soil is shaken in one or the other, and it will be shaken for sure, this government will go very quickly in history," political scientist Slavi Vassilev said on BTV.

"This is a storyline that is the result of this marriage of convenience, which has already taken place in the National Assembly between the unthinkable enemies – the thesis and the antithesis of corruption," he said.

"The best man of this union will be Delyan Peevski and Mustafa Karadayi, who voted for the government. The government's intentions are to implement some serious reforms in the country," Vassilev added.

A new scandal in the National Assembly - Peevski became a member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, "Vazrazhdane" again hit Bojankov, the meeting was adjourned

"What we could outline are the ambitions of the new government and, in the face of the finance minister, to act quickly in his own sector, given the recent need for a new budget. Whether these actions are right or not - we will find out, "said Genoveva Petrova from Alpha Research.

She also commented on the election of Delyan Peevski as a member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

"DPS is very good at inventing and presenting a lot of provocative symbolism. Behind this is a very clearly stated interest on the part of the MRF in the constitutional reform in question. DPS has a sustainable interest where processes of rearrangement of layers take place, "she believes.

A new government

Slavi Vasilev