The number of people who died in Russia after using fake cider has reached 29, France Press reported, citing authorities.

61 people were injured. Four of them are in extremely serious condition and 30 - in serious condition, the Russian Ministry of Health said.

Previous figures were for 16 deaths and dozens of poisoned.

According to Russian media, the victims consumed the drink "Mr. Cider", which contains methanol - a highly poisonous substance. It was sold in some liquor stores.

Russian authorities have ordered the drink produced in the city of Samara to be withdrawn from sale and have launched an investigation.

Deaths from counterfeit alcohol are not uncommon in Russia, where the prices of spirits sold in large stores are proving prohibitive for millions of poor people, especially in areas where living standards are very low.

In October 2021, a total of 35 people died in two similar incidents.

Poisonous cider kills eight people in Russia

Methanol killed more than 60 people in Siberia's Irkutsk city in 2016.