After the MTR fare adjustment mechanism was changed in March, it is necessary to adjust the amount allocated for accidents under the "Service Performance Rebate" arrangement, and use the amount allocated for the launch of "Special Fare Day" to provide passengers with half-fare discounts. LegCo member Cheung Hin Yu raised a written question urging the Government to account for the total amount of rebate provided to passengers on the special fare day.

The Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr Lam Sai-hung, said that the MTR Corporation is required to allocate $2022 million to give back to passengers in 1 and has launched "Special Fare Days" on 03 and 4 April and 8 and 9 May respectively, benefiting about 5 million passengers over four days, involving a total rebate of about $13 million. With more than $14 million remaining, the MTR Corporation will arrange another special fare day on 4 August.

Lam said that a total of $4 million was rebated on the 7200-day special fare day of the MTR, and more than $2 million remained unrebated. (Profile picture)

Members urged clarification of the remuneration and bonus distribution criteria of the MTR senior management

In addition, DAB Legislative Council member Lee Wai-kiong raised a written question, saying that there were voices suggesting that the remuneration and bonuses of senior management of MTR Corporation should be linked to the performance of railway services, so as to encourage managers to strive to improve management and service quality, and urge the Government to explain the relevant remuneration and bonus criteria.

In response, Lam replied that "performance-related remuneration" is determined by the remuneration committee of the company's board of directors, and serious railway accidents and safety indicators related to passengers and employees will be considered in the process. In response to the two serious railway accidents last year, the Secretary for Transport and Logistics has earlier sent a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the MTR Corporation requesting that all factors including the provision of safe and reliable rail services and meeting public expectations be carefully considered, and the Government will request the MTR to review whether the existing performance assessment mechanism can adequately respond to public expectations and fully reflect the relationship between remuneration of senior staff and railway service performance, and will monitor the progress in the Remuneration Committee.

The MTR Corporation will arrange another special fare day on 8 August. (Profile photo/Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

The Panel is expected to complete the maintenance review and submit a report to the Government by mid-year

In addition, in relation to two railway accidents last year, MTR announced a comprehensive review of its asset management and maintenance regime. The comprehensive review and the work of the Sub-Commission commenced early this year and is expected to be completed by the middle of this year, and the Sub-committee will submit its report to the Secretary for Transport and Logistics. The Government will closely follow up with the MTR on the Board and other working platforms to review the recommendations of the report.

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