The National Assembly enters a new phase after the vote of a regular cabinet with a rotating prime minister. How will the new ministers work?

"The coalition that formed the government is not sufficiently welded together. There is no bond that we see in Denkov's relationship with Gabril, there is no difference between the parties. The princes of Borisov – one of them is Deyan Donkov Deyan Donkovis a Bulgarian actor, born in Vidin. They cannot explain to voters why they did not make a cabinet with the first term, but with the second, "commented on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria" journalist Asen Agov.

"There is an agreement on the constitutional reform for now, but the question is whether this consent will be in the defense of Delyan Peevski The businessman and MP for 4 mandates from the civil quota of the MRF Delyan Peevskiwas born in Sofia to, who is an enthusiast for the new cabinet, or will it be an honest and honorable action in support of the arrangement of the judiciary", He pointed out.

"The cabinet is Denkov's office, it is not rotary," said prof. Rosen Stoyanov.

PetkovPetkov was born in 1980. He is one of the founders of the Center for Economic that he expects the life of the regular cabinet to last not 18 months, but 4 years. According to him, it is possible that this is a request for a full term of office.

"Accelerating the turnover of money in Bulgaria is key to enabling our economy to grow faster, to increase incomes. This would also solve the notorious problem with the 3% deficit," said financier Levon Hampartzoumian.

Daniel Mitov: In order for a constitutional reform to happen, the votes of the MRF are needed

"There has been no country in recent years. The collapse was big enough for an ambulance to be imposed," journalist Asen Grigorov commented. In his words, the investment climate should be sharply liberated: "In recent years, the Bulgarian state has not wanted foreign investments."

Deyan Donkov

Delyan Peevski

Kiril Petkov