"Let's note first that we are starting to return to normalcy. The parliamentary republic begins to function normally in the familiar way, the president has returned to the presidency, the deputies will make laws, we have a regularly elected government to work and implement the agenda of society. That was a good sign yesterday."

Krasen Kralev, MP from GERB / UDF,is Minister of Youth and Sports.

"We have a clear Euro-Atlantic majority that is ready for reforms," he said.

Daniel Mitov: In order for a constitutional reform to happen, the votes of the MRF are needed

The new majority is ready for judicial reform and modernization of the state.

"We had a sign from the DPS in the vote that they too are ready to support a constitutional majority. The sign that Delyan Dobrev gave yesterday is that we will be critical. We will not overlook the mistakes of the government, the fact is that trust is still very fragile. There is skepticism on both sides, who made huge compromises to lead to the formation of such a Euro-Atlantic majority. But we are ready to give ourselves time and give this government time so that we can bring back normality in the country. So that hate speech can be replaced by the language of the building. Krasen Kralevis Minister of Youth and Sports. He was born on January 2, 1967 in.

He said that in GERB everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

"We are a normal party, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Delyan Dobrev voted the way he felt it was right. He is one of the most prominent critics of the management of PP-DB and I think he had the right to express his opinion in this way. We tolerate a different opinion. Take it as a sign that if we notice mistakes we will be critical of the government, but we will also be constructive, "the MP explained.

Denitsa Sacheva from GERB with a cometar for the new government, Radev and MRF

Kralev stressed that yesterday a clear sign was given that there is a majority for constitutional changes that are important for judicial reform.

"The whole society expects this reform, it is ready for the first steps to be taken," Kralev said.

He does not believe that yesterday's decision of Galab Donev to release the deputy ministers is fatal, as the administration continues to function under the leadership of the secretaries-general.

Krasen Kralev