North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has banned suicide in his totalitarian state. It turned out that in North Korea, entire families commit suicide due to hunger, poverty and dictatorship.

Writes about it Radio Free Asia.

Kim Jong Un issued a secret order to local authorities to prevent suicide after the suicide rate in that country increased by 40% compared to last year.

Kim officially called the suicide an "act of betrayal of socialism" and ordered local governments to take preventive measures.

The confidential suicide prevention order was delivered at emergency meetings in each province among party committee leaders at the provincial, city and county levels, an official from northeastern North Hamgyong told Radio Free Asia on condition of anonymity.

"Our meeting took place in the building of the provincial party committee located in Pohang district, in Cheongjin city. A large number of suicide cases have been identified in the province, and some officials could not hide their disturbing expression on their faces," he said.

Statistics presented at a meeting in North Hamgyong showed that in Jeonjin and neighboring Gyeongseong County alone, the official said, adding that in most cases, entire families took their lives together. In suicide notes, people criticize the socialist system and life in North Korea.

Since most suicides were caused by acute poverty and hunger, officials do not know how to implement Kim Jong-un's decree.

The North Korean official also spoke about shocking cases in that state.

  • In the city of Hesan, a 10-year-old boy lived with his grandmother after his parents starved to death. An elderly woman and a child committed suicide by eating rat poison.
  • A couple in their 60s hanged themselves on a tree in the mountains.
  • A family of four took potassium cyanide after the last family dinner.

Kim Jong-un's order emphasizes that local authorities must take responsibility for suicide prevention in their jurisdictions.

"It was emphasized that responsible officials will be jointly responsible, since suicide is a clear social challenge and betrayal of the country," the newspaper writes.

We will remind, in North Korea to life imprisonment sentenced a 2-year-old boy and his parents because they found a Bible in their house.

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