Floating houses, cut roads and evacuations under shelling. In Kherson, people are fleeing the high water and taking out their shop, and residents of coastal communities are fleeing their already flooded homes. At the same time, the Russians are covering the evacuation groups with heavy artillery fire, according to TSN.

To the sounds of enemy cannonade and explosions in the water, the city of Kherson suffers from a man-made disaster caused by the destruction of the dam of the Kakhovka HPP. Rapid streams of water blow away everything in its path.

People cross the road, which instantly became a river, rescue livestock and take out already flooded cars. Some roads within a few hours after the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station become impassable.

Large water in Kherson flooded several streets in one of the districts - these are private houses and also reached high-rise buildings and everything arrives, people cannot reach their homes and remain waiting for evacuation on the upper streets. Kherson residents sail by car through the streets of the city. Water approaches the dwellings of residents in a matter of hours. Many people no longer have approaches to their own homes in the private sector of the city. Big water goes to high-rise buildings.

The water in the Dnieper rose at least two meters before lunch. Rescuers and policemen who are blocked in their homes and people with limited mobility are carried out on stretchers and in blankets. Villages near the river streams of water literally wash away from the face of the earth.

People are saving their property under Russian shelling. Fences are covered with slate, bricks and even blankets.

Two dozen settlements on the right bank of Kherson and the same number on the left bank of the Dnieper are under the threat of flooding. The Kherson military administration calls this era the most critical for the region. Out of 17,<> Kherson residents, more than a thousand people have already left the regional center and surrounding communities.

During the night, the water in the city rose in some places by 5-6 meters and the streets, which were still dry yesterday, are already completely in the water. Residents who decided to stay on the upper floors of high-rise buildings are now locked in their homes. They come to the aid of rescuers on rubber boats.

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