Tomorrow, June 8, is the day of remembrance of the Holy Apostle Karp in the Orthodox calendar. He was an apostle from the age of 70, a disciple and constant companion of the Apostle Paul. For example, Paul mentions Carp's name in the Second Epistle to Timothy. In his house, the Apostle Paul left his books and felon. Carp was a virtuous man with a pure mind. Once I went with a sermon to the island of Crete, where I met with Dionysius the Areopagite. It was an Athenian thinker and Christian saint. According to one version, the Apostle Carp died at a respectable age in Beria.

Signs June 8

Folk omens June 8 / Photo: Pexels

  • Crayfish come ashore - wait for rainy weather.
  • The fish frolic on the surface of the water will be damp.
  • Ducks splash in the water and constantly dive - it will rain.

What can not be done tomorrow

The Church forbids conflict, quarrelling, swearing and swearing on this day. Try not to raise your voice. Also, do not buy valuables on June 8. And you can not sweep garbage out of the house after sunset, you can quarrel with relatives.

What you can do tomorrow

The people called June 8 "Carp-fishermen", because the Apostle Karp was considered the patron saint of fishermen. Therefore, people necessarily went to the reservoir to fish. We believed that there would be a good catch that day.

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