"The death occurred a few days before the autopsy, coincides with the time of the announcement of his death by the conspiracy relatives," Krasimir Zanev, former director of the Wanted Persons Department at the Ministry of Interior, said in the show "This Morning".

According to him, the Galevi brothers did not know about their sentences of 5 and 7 years, when they left the country unhindered.

Zanev was adamant that it is the duty of the police to monitor for received signals.

Slavcho Velkov: Angel Hristov was either scared or something important happened to return to Bulgaria

According to him, the other of the brothers, Plamen Galev, remains a wanted person.

"Where there have been alerts, the countries concerned have been notified. Most likely, they were hiding in countries with which we have weaker or zero legal aid and would be difficult to find or send back to Bulgaria," Zanev said.

"Forensics have established the cash for the death and it is a clogged coronary artery, a massive heart attack. He had high blood pressure and it worked," he said.

According to him, Angel Hristov wandered in Bulgaria for health reasons.