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4 billion BGN have been distributed by the official authorities, in recent days, to road maintenance companies. The claim was made by the MP from PP-DB Ivaylo Mirchev. Former regional minister Ivan Shishkov denied that money was distributed on a cap.

According to Ivaylo Mirchev, in the last days of the caretaker cabinet, participants have been removed from the participation in public procurement for the maintenance of the national road network who "should not win them".

"This is not only not a change compared to the way this money was distributed before, but it is actually a deterioration, because within the caretaker cabinet, for which the president is responsible, things happen the way they did during Borisov's rule," said Ivaylo Mirchev from PP-DB.

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The former caretaker regional minister arch. Ivan Shishkov was adamant that no one from the department entrusted to him has signed contracts because procedures are still underway.

"The money for roads has not been spent, it has not been signed and including the contracts. The billions you're talking about is money for repairs over the next three years. I even asked my colleagues from RIA 10 days ago to make an analysis of the principle on which these competitions were made, "said Shishkov.

"The fact that in the last days of government, when they understand that they are no longer in power, they open up all public procurement for 4 billion euros. Leva, speaks enough about the approach that has been used, "added Ivaylo Mirchev.

"The government has not distributed anything. The contracts will be signed by the next minister, so there is no such thing, "said Ivan Shishkov.

Shishkov also said that he had asked his successor's desk to leave an analysis of the state of the national road network.

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