A driver has been fined 121,000 euros in Finland for speeding, world agencies reported.

In the Nordic country, penalties for traffic violations are based on the financial situation of the offending driver. In this case, we are talking about Anders Viklöf, who is one of the wealthiest Finns in his homeland.

Viklöf himself admitted his mistake and deeply regretted that he had violated the rules of the road.

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He was driving his car at 82 km/h at a speed of 50 km/h when he was stopped by a traffic police team on Saturday. In addition to the hefty fine, Viklöf was also stripped of his driver's license for ten days, local newspaper Nya Algaland reported.

This is not the Finnish businessman's first offence on the road. In 2018, Viklöf was fined 63,680 euros and 95,000 euros in 2013, other publications in the country recall.

Anders Viklöf owns a holding that develops business in the logistics, real estate, helicopter services and tourism sector. His company is valued at around $10 million. $<>, the Associated Press notes.