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Fierce fighting has erupted in the Sudanese capital Khartoum between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Force (SBP).

Several burning buildings have been reported in the capital.

There are several important fuel depots in the area, as well as a weapons and ammunition plant and tank and military equipment depots, the reporter said.

Heavy fighting in Sudan's capital at end of ceasefire

A ceasefire between the two warring camps, brokered by the United States and Saudi Arabia, expired on Saturday night. It was not immediately clear whether talks between the Sudanese army and the SBP would continue. The army insists that the SBP withdraw from the hospitals, schools and private homes they occupy.

The SBP accuses the army of deliberately postponing the talks.

On May 20, the two warring camps agreed to a seven-day ceasefire brokered by Washington and Riyadh to deliver humanitarian aid to the fighting zone.

The ceasefire was then extended for another five days, but was not respected by either side.

Since the ceasefire violation, the United States has imposed sanctions, including visa restrictions, on Sudanese military officials, the SBP and supporters of former authoritarian President Omar Bashir.

Washington also said it would impose economic sanctions on several companies that supply arms to the two warring camps.

Fierce fighting has been going on in Sudan since mid-April between an army subordinate to President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Union of Bulgarian Writers led by his former vice president, Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo.