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The European Union is considering imposing on member states a mandatory ban on resorting to the services of companies that could pose a security risk when building their 5G networks, including China's Huawei. This is reported today in the Financial Times, quoted by Reuters.

European Commission officials told the British daily that the plans reflected growing concerns in Brussels that the governments of some countries, including Germany, were slow to take measures at the national level.

On Friday, EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said only a third of member states had banned Huawei from critical infrastructure.

So far, the EU and the Chinese telecoms giant have not responded to Reuters' requests for comment.

Deutsche Bahn uses Huawei technology for its digitalization

In 2020, the European Union decided that member states should restrict high-risk companies' access to their 5G networks. At the same time, he resisted pressure from the United States to impose a total ban on Chinese telecoms.




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