The European Commission has presented an assessment of progress on the implementation of the six-month border protection project launched in Bulgaria and Romania in March.

The Commission welcomes the steps taken over the past three months in the areas of asylum, the return of irregular migrants, border management and international cooperation.

Bulgaria is taking action, with the support of the European Commission, to improve accelerated asylum procedures and has established a list of safe countries of origin for migrants, in line with EU rules. It is added that our country is exploring the possibility of issuing refusals of international protection along with return decisions. It is noted that the authorities are working on the digitalisation of asylum and return systems with the support of EU agencies and Commission services.

The Commission proposes the EU budget for next year to be 189.3 billion euros. euro

Bulgaria has increased cooperation with the European Asylum Agency and the European border agency Frontex, which has provided additional support with advice and interpreters on return. Bulgaria and Frontex will sign a joint action plan on this issue, the statement said.

It is added that our country has increased cooperation with Europol to counter smuggling and limit the secondary movements of migrants in the EU. Bulgaria has set up a national mechanism for information exchange and will soon set up a working group to counter irregular entry of migrants, the commission adds.

For Romania, it is pointed out that it has introduced the necessary legislative changes in the field of asylum and has taken other additional steps. It is reported that the country has continued to successfully manage the external border with Serbia and has taken action against the smugglers.

The Commission specifies that it provides financial support to Bulgaria and Romania for the implementation of these projects. Bulgaria will receive 45m euros from the European Union. Romania - EUR 10.8 million. euro. The Commission will invite EU countries to develop electronic surveillance systems for land external borders, with €140 million earmarked for this purpose. The Commission will also call for support to expand migrant reception capabilities and provide asylum with €120 million.

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