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A mother of a child with autism was left without a car after vandals broke it to steal her video recorder. While the car is under repair, Nelly Ivanova cannot take her 4-year-old child to therapies, and according to her, this has a serious impact on the condition of her son Alexander.

The car was parked in Sofia's Levski V district.

"On Saturday morning, I received a call from my relatives who saw that the glass of mine and another car nearby had broken the windows. I wrote about help in a group on social networks so that glass could be found faster for a change. My child has autism and can't ride in another transport because he's not used to it. However, it turned out that my car could not be fixed the next day," the victim said on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria".

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The family has been without a car for five days. "That's why my son stopped the therapies.

For some reason, he doesn't want to get in any car other than mine. Children with autism are accustomed to a certain regime, and when it is violated, they get upset, "Ivanova explained.

Child with autism

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