A further 262 new, fully renovated apartments have been added to the list of residential areas offered to citizens under the rental mechanism with the commitment to sell by the Mortgage and Credit Insurance Fund (Fund).

The Fund told AAPA-Economics. It has been noted that 210 residential complexes on Mohamed Basidov Street in Absheron District, Sarajevo, and Mohamed Basidov Street are also offered, with 1, 2 and 3 rooms. The monthly payment of comparisons begins at 357 manuscripts.

Another 52 apartments are offered in a complex on Surxay Nochuyev Street in Baku, Surajan District, Karachi. The monthly payments, with 2, 3 and 4 rooms, begin at 718 manuscripts.

The new apartments will be open from June 21, 2023 for citizens to choose over the Electronic Mortgage and Credit Guarantee System (EICZS). Citizens can get acquainted with the list of apartments offered for residential complexes through this switch.

It should be noted that 3463,<> citizens have been contracted under the rental mechanism with a commitment to sell so far.

Detailed information about tenant requirements, acceptance, review, selection and registration of residential areas can be obtained by calling the Fund's website (www.mcgf.gov.az), the "1549" Call Center, and information about the use of the electronic system from the instructions posted on the EICZS.