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A plane of the low-cost airline "Norwichian Air Shuttle" has landed forcibly in Burgas on its way from Oslo to Larnaca. The reason for the deviation of the Boeing 737 from the flight route is that one of the passengers felt ill and had to be given medical care.

The case dates back to Tuesday, but today the concessionaire of Burgas airport "Fraport" officially confirmed it, writes 24 hours.

It is about a tourist who felt ill and wished not to continue her flight to Cyprus, but to land at the nearest place to be given medical care.

"This is standard procedure in such cases," Fraport said.

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As 20 minutes the machine flew over the Black Sea, landed at 10.58 am and the passenger was taken to a Burgas hospital. The hospital did not explain what condition it was in, but it became clear that it was still there. After nearly an hour of stay, the plane took off and continued on its route to Cyprus.

forced landing