The Georgia man was so unhappy with his height that he spent more than $100,000 on Turkish leg lengthening surgery.

Writes about it The Sun.

The height of 33-year-old Brian Sanchez was 182 cm before surgery. According to the mortgage broker, his legs always looked weird.

After sitting next to his much taller son-in-law, the married father of two "realized that his legs were too short for his body."

"I'm wide, I have long arms, but my short legs make me look different. I'm almost like a huge thumbs like those little men with thumbs up from Spy Kids.

Sanchez researched leg lengthening surgeries and found a clinic in Turkey that performed more than 4400 such procedures.

The man's family did not believe he would resort to such an operation, but also said it was "typical of him."

"I know it's a very crazy thing, it's extremely expensive, time-consuming, difficult, painful and even risky," he said.

Brian spent approximately $37,000 on his first leg surgery in December 2022.

Brian Sanchez / Photo: The Sun

"They broke my tibia and fibula and cut out the inside of my tibia, removing my bone marrow," he said. "Then they inserted the rod inside the bone, secured it with screws and attached the segments of the bone with pins to the outer clamps, so you have this piece of steel on the outside of your legs and these permanent open wounds that won't heal until you remove all the equipment."

The 33-year-old had to tighten the bolts in his legs every day for two months. / Photo: The Sun

Although Sanchez had to use a hex key to turn the latch bolt once a day for two consecutive months, he said staying awake was the hardest part for him, although he admitted he wasn't prepared for how painful the procedures actually were.

He said the hardest part of recovery is trying to sleep. / Photo: The Sun

"I think the pain is worth it – once it's over, I'll just be able to enjoy being taller and hopefully feel on top of the world," said the man, who has grown about 8cm since February.

In March, he spent another $69,587 on a second operation to lengthen his femur and after that "felt great."

So far, he is moving around in a wheelchair. / Photo: The Sun

"There was almost no pain throughout the process, only from lengthening, from actually stretching my legs," he recalled.

Sanchez, who is still in a wheelchair, is still recovering. In total, it grew by 22 cm. Now his height is 204 cm.

Brian Sanchez before and after surgery / Photo: The Sun

"Of the few times I've gotten up, it's amazing to see people my height approach me right in front of their noses — it's really weird, and it's a lot of fun just to see the world a little different," Brian shared.

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