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A 39-year-old owner of a logging company deliberately hit and dragged a car and its driver in the center of Antonovo. The incident occurred on Sunday morning. It's a miracle that no one was hurt. It turns out that this is not the first such manifestation of the logger. However, he was never detained, despite a number of proceedings against him.

The man was a city councillor.

"I take coffee from the vending machine, turn onto the street and a black jeep overtakes me. I saw in the mirror that I was approaching me at a not very high speed. And hit me once or twice. The tow rod squeezed into its front, pressed the accelerator pedal. I tried to turn home, but the car was unmanageable. I managed to jump and stood on the canvas of the center. He turned the jeep towards me and went to trample me, and I slipped between stopped cars," Vasil Bogoslov told Nova TV.

The jeep was driven by Vejdat Rasimov – a local woodcutter with whom the municipal councilor had a fight before.


February 3, I was attacked by the same person with a metal barbell and barely disconnected and survived. I managed to escape in some way," Bogovolov said. He suggests that the man's aggression was caused by Vasil as a municipal councilor.

A check showed that Rasimov has six proceedings - for driving a car with foreign plates, for driving without a license, destroying someone else's property, and for illegal logging.

Aggression on the road