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Teachers from all over Romania are again taking to the streets to protest. The demonstration will take place on Thursday or Friday in Bucharest, Spiru Haret Federation of Education Federation Marius Nistor said after a meeting with Education Minister Ligia Decca.

"I expect 20,000 people to participate. 15,000 people withdrew from the strike, but most are not union members," Nystor said. According to him, the strike can end when the government comes up with a decision to be adopted by teachers. Asked whether the exams would be postponed because of the situation, Marius Nistor said: "The longer this labour conflict continues, the more this exists as a risk."

Regarding the suspension of the strike only during the exams, the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions in Education "Spiru Haret" said that the Ministry of Education can offer such an option, but the decision is entirely up to the teachers' team.

Romania's teachers' strike may postpone national external assessment

He recalled the teachers' demands: an increase in salaries, legal guarantees for this and salaries for novice teachers equal to the average gross salary in the country.

"When these guarantees are in place, our colleagues will make an informed decision," he added.

Meanwhile, Romania's education ministry said 10,000 teachers had given up the strike after the ordinance was adopted, which provides for salary increases. In more than 1000,<> schools in the country there is not a single striker.

The general strike of teachers in Romania began on May 22.

Teachers' Strike